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Pregnant? Top 3 reasons you might be feeling anxious and what to do about it

Anxiety in pregnancy
You're not alone.

Pregnancy can bring all kinds of thoughts and emotions. Some are joyful and positive. Some are exactly the opposite.

Firstly, know that worrying about your pregnancy, your baby, or how good of a mother you’ll be is completely normal. You're not alone in this.

Bringing a little person into the world is a huge change in your life with lots of uncertainty around it. Motherhood definitely brings us out of our comfort zone. 

From my experience becoming a mother and connecting with expectant moms while teaching prenatal yoga, there are 3 top reasons expectant mothers feel anxious:

1. Anxiety over the health of your baby   

This one starts as soon as you see that second line on the pregnancy test. Will the baby make it to the 12th week? Will she be born healthy? Will I keep my baby safe and healthy once he’s born? These are all valid questions to ask yourself. And with all of the prenatal appointments and tests, it is only obvious you feel anxious about the what if’s. 

My tip:

Whenever you notice anxiety kick in, find a quiet moment to tap into your center, to your intuition. You can you can close your eyes if that feels comfortable, place one hand on your belly and another on your heart. Breathe deeply. Can you find a place of calm in remembering that there is only so much you can control, for instance, the choices you make to be healthier for you and your baby? Focus on the things you can do - like eating nutritious foods, exercising and taking time to relax and restore.

2. Anxiety over your birth experience

Labor and birth are impactful and probably one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. Although you can empower yourself with birth preparation courses, learn all kinds of tools and techniques and express your birth preferences to your healthcare provider, the truth is that things don't always go as planned and that birth is the ultimate test of letting go of control and fully surrendering into what is. And that, my friends, is so unbelievably hard! With that said, it is 100% ok to feel anxious about it.

My tip: 

Educating and informing yourself about all possible outcomes is a great way to reduce your anxiety about it. I invite you to fully surrender to what your birth experience will be like, whether that’s a planned c-section, a natural birth, or if things start changing course from what you had thought your birth would be while in labor. Letting go of your expectations and just fully being in your body with your baby will help you find peace and ease as you welcome your little one into the world.

3. Anxiety over the first weeks postpartum

The first days postpartum can be very overwhelming and challenging. Breastfeeding, healing from a natural or cesarean birth, getting to know your little one and coping with the sudden change in your hormones are, well, overwhelming. 

My tip:

Learn as much as you can about postpartum. I highly recommend you read the book “The fourth trimester”. Make a postpartum support plan to make sure you have all the nourishment and help you’ll need. Feeling prepared for what’s to come will make you feel safe and at ease. 

In summary, it’s ok to feel anxious and worried at times during your pregnancy. The trick is to allow the feelings of anxiety to be there but not let them take over. Remember, you are so strong and powerful. You can always trust your intuition. You are the best mother for your baby! 

Find time and space to breathe, move and tune into your innate wisdom and power. Then go on and take the practical steps you know will make you feel more confident in your journey. 

Here is a Free audio meditation that you can download and practice anytime you're feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Let me know in the comments if it helped you! Namaste <3

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