The art of seeing clearly - How can I practice awareness?

We humans tend to have very rough ideas and perceptions of ourselves, of other people and of the world around us. Just last night, I was upset that my partner hadn’t come to bed, it had been over 40 minutes and I was so tired and wanted to cuddle with him. When he finally came up, I lashed out at him, accusing him of staying downstairs so he could be on the phone a little longer… it turns out, he had been cleaning the kitchen and getting his things ready for the bike tour he had planned for the next day…

In my last post, I talked about two of the five kleshas in Yoga (Attachment or Raga and Aversion or Dvesa). Today, I’d like to talk about the first klesha, Lack of Awareness or Avidya.

What are the kleshas?

According to the Yoga Sutras of Pantajali, kleshas are emotions or instincts that arise when our buttons are pushed, usually leading us to react in ways that aren’t the best. Learning to tame these emotions is one of the main objectives of practicing yoga.

Avidya, Lack of awareness (ignorance)

Lack of understanding, lack of awareness, being in the dark about something, this is all Avidya. And as nowadays many of us know, ignorance is definitely not bliss. In fact, it is this first klesha that leads to the other four negative mental states. Vidya is the exact opposite and it means seeing clearly.

Perhaps you have this idea that you’re not good enough to practice yoga because you can’t tou