My birth story

Better late than never, right? 7 months later, here is my birth story. It was my "due date", a Sunday. I was relaxing on the couch watching YouTube videos about birth when I felt water trickling down my pants. I went to the bathroom to check and there it was - amniotic fluid. To my surprise, unfortunately, the fluid wasn't clear. It was a bit green. I knew this meant that there was meconium in the water (baby had pooped inside, which meant he had been in some sort of distress at some point), and I also knew this meant any expectations of a normal birth were out the window. When there's meconium in the amniotic fluid, there's a certain protocol to be followed (antibiotics every 8 hours, very regular CTG scans to make sure baby is ok and an induction if nothing starts on its own within the next 12-24hrs). So in that moment, I knew I had to fully surrender to what it was (even more than I had planned). I told my husband to call the hospital and let them know we were coming to get me checked, I took a shower, made sure I had packed everything I would need and 30 minutes later we were off to the hospital. Once I arrived, they checked me and confirmed my suspicion. They gave me an IV of antibiotics and an ultrasound and suggested I get checked in into the hospital. I could get an induction right there and then or wait a day. I checked in, got a room and went for a walk around the hospital with my husband, coming back every 3 hours to get Baby's heart rate checked. By 1am we decided to get an induction, the mild kind, a low dosage of misoprotol. Nothing happened until the dosage was upped on Monday noon. That's when the contractions started to become more intense, however, not regular enough to be "in labour". I felt very much in labour though! It wasn't until Tuesday afternoon that contractions were regular enough to get a room in the labour and deliver ward. In there I had a mat, a Pilates ball, a cloth hanging from the ceiling to hold on to and a bath tub. I used aaaall the tools I had (including all the hypnobirthing tricks I had learned) and managed to get to 7 cm (dilation) by 7 or 8 pm. But then things stalled. I think it had to do a lot with the fact that I had to be hooked to an IV for antibiotics quite often and also to the CTG machine, so I couldn't move as freely as I wanted to. I had asked for a wireless monitor but apparently there wasn't any available (the ward was full). After taking a bath and pushing in there for a while and then finding out that I hadn't progressed, I got a bit discouraged and agreed to get an IV of some sort of relaxer so that maybe it would help. Instead it made me vomit (more than before) and I felt very drowsy. It didn't help. Then I got oxytocin, but didn't work either. At around 11pm the midwife suggested an epidural. I was exhausted and knew that at this stage it was a good idea to get rest, so I agreed. The anesthesiologist was in my room already, about to poke me, when the doctor popped in and informed us that my infection levels were rising to dangerous levels and that the baby needed to come out. I never saw these blood analyses, so to date I have no idea what the threshold was to suggest a C-section. But I did know that baby had been working with me since Sunday without any amniotic fluid and that his lungs could be compromised with a nasty infection if I waited longer. So we agreed to the C-section. From the moment I said yes to the c-section, to the moment my baby was born, everything happened so quickly. I was changed into a hospital gown, my husband was given scrubs, and I was transferred to the operating room. In there they gave me the spinal instead of the epidural, inserted a catheter for my bladder and strapped me on the bed. My husband was then allowed to come in and was there for the birth of our baby. All in all in took about 1 hour from prep to birth. Frey was born at 2:09 am. He had a full set of hair and looked so perfect.

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