Sitting too long during COVID-19 times?

Updated: Mar 8

In times of Corona, it may be that some of us are unable to walk more than a few steps a day. Although working from home does have its advantages (hello, sweatpants), it is also constraining us from moving as much as we would do if we counted the commute to work, the occasional walk to the coffee machine or to the colleague's office in the other department. In Germany, you are allowed to go for walks and do sports in your neighborhood park, yet, during the week, you probably only do this after sitting for 8 hours straight on your chair. Not fun. Actually, as I write this, my body is begging me to take it out for a stretch.

Sitting too long can specially lead to lots of discomfort on your back. I read somewhere that it can even lead to a shorter life. But, I'm not here to scare you. I'm here to help you and show you a nice way to release yourself from that chair.

1. Get up and do 10 squats every 30 minutes.

Have your heard of those add-ons for your browser that track the time so you can be productive for 20 or 30 minutes straight? Use it, and when the time is over, celebrate your 30 minutes of spot-on focus with 10 squats. You're at home, who cares what you do every 30 minutes!

2. Keep you glass of water on the other side of the room

I love this one. Every time you're thirsty (try to be thirsty every 30 minutes), just get up and go get that glass of water.

3. Practice some chair yoga

There are tons of videos on YouTube on how to practice yoga. Try doing the poses standing up, instead of sitting. Twists and full body stretches are great. The video below from Brett Larkin is my fav <3

4. Sit on a Pilates ball instead of a chair

Pilates balls are the bomb. I actually have one in my office and use it at least twice a day. Bouncing on it really helps release and strengthen all the muscles around your core, back and even your legs.