Postnatal and Mom & Baby Yoga

Young Mother and Baby

Practicing Postnatal Yoga will help you:

  • Connect with other mommas on the same journey

  • Support your pelvic floor and core recovery with targeted poses and exercises

  • Relieve any discomforts and tightness that comes after birth

  • Find space for you to relax and connect with your body and mind

  • Refill your energy and mental health tank so that you can be the best version of yourself for your little one(s)

By practicing Yoga with your Baby, you can:

  • Safely ease back into exercise or your yoga practice

  • Bond and play with your baby

  • Tone and stretch your muscles while supporting your recovery

  • Re-energize yourself and improve you and your baby's sleep

  • Support your mental health

  • Be part of a community of new moms, from all over the world!

Congratulations Momma! You did it! You brought your baby into the world and your body, mind and soul experienced amazing changes.

The first few weeks are a blur. I can tell you that from my own experience. Slowly but surely, a bit of movement and breathing for ourselves, a bit of time to nurture ourselves, goes a long way. Not only for your physical recovery, but for your mental health.


Yoga after birth is not the usual yoga you see on social media and it is not the same as prenatal yoga. It is a gentle, yet strengthening practice that centers on reactivating your pelvic floor and core muscles and easing all the physical discomforts that come with caring for a newborn such as lower/upper back and neck-shoulder pain from nursing, tight hips and sore wrists from carrying your baby.

Practicing Yoga with Babies
"I'm glad that my friend recommended me Melissa's class of postnatal yoga! It's a good chance to exchange experiences with other mommas and it's a pleasure to exercise with Melissa - she takes care of our pelvic floor muscles and full body stretching! I'm so thankful for this!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need previous yoga experience to practice postnatal  yoga? 

Not at all, classes are accessible to all mommas, regardless of your previous experience. Each session is designed to strengthen, relax you and get you in tune with your body without over-straining.

What is the age range for Mom & Baby Yoga? 

Newborn to crawling age (6 weeks+)

Just make sure you practice in a safe area for baby to move around if she's a crawler.

When can you start practicing postnatal yoga?

C-section mommas: The recommendation is normally 6 weeks post-partum. However, 10 to 12 weeks after birth gives you more time to heal. Make sure that your doctor has cleared you before you start any exercise, and most importantly, that YOU feel ready.

Vaginal birth mommas: 6-weeks post-partum, provided your doctor has cleared you is the usual time fresh moms can start exercising again. Any time after that, up to a year post-partum is also completely ok.

What if you have diastasis recti?

Diastasis recti is the separation of the rectus abdominus muscles (your abs, the six pack muscles) along the mid-line of your belly. All women have this separation during pregnancy, and it normally goes back to normal after birth. However, if your separation is wider than 2cm, it is especially important that you are careful with the type of exercises you practice as the risk of getting an abdominal hernia increases greatly.

If you believe your diastasis recti is over 2cm, please let me know in advance so that I can support you during class with appropriate variations. We can work together to help you heal.

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Postnatal Yoga

This class is just for you!

Self-care is key to being your best self for your little one.

Baby Yoga

Mom & Baby Yoga

Practice yoga with your baby and be part of a community of empowered mommas. From the comfort of your living room!

Yoga with Melissa
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I'm passionate about the amazing unfolding process of being a woman and becoming a mother. I consider the concept of community, women's gathering and support systems extremely important as an empowerment tool for all women, regardless of their stage in life. You can find more info about me here.

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