Postnatal Yoga

Young Mother and Baby

Congratulations Momma! You did it! You brought your baby into the world and your body, mind and soul experienced amazing changes.

Slowly but surely, a bit of movement and breathing for ourselves, a bit of time to nurture ourselves, goes a long way. Not only for your physical recovery, but for your mental health.


Yoga after birth is a gentle, yet strengthening practice that centers on reactivating your pelvic floor and core muscles and on easing all the physical discomforts that come with caring for a baby such as lower/upper back and neck-shoulder pain, from nursing, tight hips and sore wrists, to name a few.

Practicing Postpartum Yoga will help you:

  • Connect with other mommas on the same journey

  • Support your pelvic floor and core recovery with targeted poses and exercises

  • Relieve any discomforts and tightness that comes after birth

  • Find space for you to relax and connect with your body and mind

  • Refill your energy and mental health tank so that you can be the best version of yourself for your little one(s)

  • Safely ease back into exercise or your yoga practice

  • Bond and play with your baby

  • Tone and stretch your muscles while supporting your recovery

  • Support your mental health

  • Be part of a community of new moms, from all over the world!


Practicing Yoga with Babies
"I'm glad that my friend recommended me Melissa's class of postnatal yoga! It's a good chance to exchange experiences with other mommas and it's a pleasure to exercise with Melissa - she takes care of our pelvic floor muscles and full body stretching! I'm so thankful for this!"