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Strong and Ready
Prenatal Yoga
Workshop Series

Prepare your mind and body with Yoga for an empowering birth and motherhood experience


This virtual prenatal yoga workshop series will take your preparation for birth and postpartum to the next level

By giving you easy-to-implement tools that you'll be able to practice at any time and place to ensure you feel confident and strong in your mind and body, not only for birth, but well beyond the first months postpartum.

You'll leave the workshop series with actionable steps and tools to feel ready every stage of your journey

You'll also get access to:

  • My ultimate Pregnancy Tips & Resources Guide for all Trimesters, created by yours truly based on my own pregnancy journey and what I've witnessed with my clients. Including a list of podcasts, books and possible questions to ask at the hospital so you feel more empowered when choosing one.

  • Audio relaxation meditations to support you during birth and postpartum.

  • The online closed community group where you'll be able to connect with other women who are going through the same journey as you (not on Facebook).

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All of this good stuff
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This Workshop Series is for you if: 

You're expecting a baby! Whether it's your first time or you're a 2+ mom and you want to feel best prepared for the challenges that birth, postpartum and motherhood bring using the amazing tools that yoga and science give us. 

You've practiced yoga before and aren't sure about how to adapt, or would like to start practicing but don't know how. 

You want to feel confident and empowered with practical knowledge about what's ahead in your journey bringing your baby into the world and how that will re-shape who you are.

You want to learn how to prevent common injuries and issues women experience in the first 24 months postpartum.

You want to meet like-minded women going through the same journey as you.


Hi, I'm Melissa

Certified Hatha, Vinyasa Yoga Instructor (RYS200hrs)

Certified Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Instructor (RYS150hrs)

Pregnancy & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist (In progress)

Yoga transformed my life. So did motherhood.

I had prepared for my ideal birth with yoga, hypnobirthing and all the courses and YouTube videos I could consume in 9 months, but did very little preparation for the time after. Despite being armed with knowledge from my experience as a prenatal yoga teacher, I was shocked at how little my body and mind were truly prepared for the healing process they were on well beyond the fourth trimester and how vital my yoga practice is for my mental health.


This is why I'm determined to help women prepare and recover from birth using the amazing tools and wisdom that yoga gives us combined with science and evidence based knowledge.

This workshop is THE preparation course I wish I'd had when I was pregnant with my boy and I hope it provides you with the tools, information, empowerment and comfort you need to make your transition to motherhood smoother. 

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Need more details?

Attending this workshop will save you time, money and energy in your future mom life. You'll be able to come back to its resources again and again and with that always have a rooting point to come back to yourself.

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. Simply send me an email or DM me on Instagram.

Looking forward to getting you strong and ready for your motherhood journey! 

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