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Prenatal Yoga To-Go: TheUltimate Pregnancy Yoga Bundle

Prenatal Yoga To-Go: TheUltimate Pregnancy Yoga Bundle


As a yoga teacher and mom of a beautiful boy, I know how important it is to stay active and find time to practice self-care. I can confidently tell you that without prenatal yoga, my pregnancy and birth journey would have been a lot more uncomfortable! If you have a busy schedule and want full control over when and where you do your yoga then these pre-recorded classes are just for you!


This 10 class-package of pre-recorded 30-minute prenatal yoga sessions is grounded on hatha and vinyasa yoga, pelvic floor and prenatal anatomy and in alignment with hypnobirthing practices for birth preparation. Apt for all trimesters, but especially for women in the second or third trimester.

This is a one-time investment for 10 classes. No monthly fee, yours to do from the comfort of your own home whenever you feel, unlimited access! No prior knowledge of yoga is required.


Each class goes through:


  • Key postures to ease common pregnancy discomforts (swelling, back & pelvic pain, exhaustion, etc.), relax you and to support you in preparing for your birthing experience.

  • Breathing techniques to cope with intense physical sensation and help during labor.

  • A specific affirmation to empower you in your journey towards becoming a mom:

    • I am strong. I am powerful.
    • I am open. I am expansive.
    • I feel safe and secure.
    • I love and respect my pregnant body.
    • Where my mind leads, my body flows.
    • I take care of myself.
    • I connect with my intuition.
    • My baby will come when it's ready.
    • I feel calm, relaxed and at ease.
    • I set loving boudaries for my wellbeing.
    • Plus many more empowering tools to help you in your process of becoming a mom, whether it's the first or third time.


No matter how busy you might be, yoga will help you cope with your life in a more relaxed and focused way. It has an amazing way of making more space and energy available for you.


BONUS! Because I want you to feel fully prepared and relaxed ahead of welcoming your baby, I am giving you FREE access to 2 downloadable audio meditations for birth preparation that you can take with you anywhere.


You also get access to my personalized guidance. Yes! You can book a one hour one-on-one virtual session where I will be able to answer any questions you may have and check on your alignment if you'd like so you can make the best of the prerecorded sessions.


Join me on this empowering yoga practice. You will feel more in touch with yourself, empowered, balanced, expansive and deeply nourished.

  • You'll get a pdf download with the link and password to get instant access to all classes. You can watch the videos directly from the exclusive portal on my website or on Youtube. 

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