Private Yoga

Personalized, convenient, one-on-one Pregnancy and Postpartum Yoga

Sometimes group classes are not what you and your body need. With private prenatal yoga, I can support you in a much more personal way and design sessions that are tailored to you and what your body needs in your pregnancy journey.

To fully support you, I offer a series of 6 one-hour prenatal or postpartum yoga sessions designed just for you and what you need.


The Holistic Prenatal Yoga Support Package covers postures for birth preparation, the importance of pelvis alignment, breathing and relaxation techniques (inspired by hypnobirthing), empowerment and community.


The Holistic Postpartum Yoga Support Package is all about being gentle while also strengthening focusing on reactivating your pelvic floor and core muscles and easing all the physical discomforts that come with caring for a newborn such as lower/upper back and neck-shoulder pain from nursing, tight hips and sore wrists from carrying your baby.

Sessions can take place online or in person in the Munich area over a period of 6 months or the length of your pregnancy.

Use the contact form or send me an e-mail if you would like more information before booking the holistic prenatal or postpartum yoga support package.

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Prenatal Yoga with Laptop