Private Yoga

Personalized, convenient, one-on-one yoga within the comfort of your home.

Whether you'd like to work on a specific type of asana, or perhaps go deeper into your practice with meditation and yogic philosophy, I will tailor your sessions according to your personal needs.

Yoga styles that can be personalized to you include:

  • Vinyasa (energetic, synchronising breath with movements)

  • Hatha / Akhanda (traditional holistic form of yoga. Includes mantra / chanting, asana or postures, pranayama or breathing exercises, meditation and yogic philosophy)

  • Prenatal and Postnatal

  • Yoga for Women

  • Restorative

  • Yin

  • Office / Chair Yoga

Use the contact form or send a message via the chat service. We can then set-up a call to ensure we're the right fit and schedule an introductory session.

During the introductory session we will discuss your needs and develop a personalized plan together aligned to your schedule and lifestyle.

The introductory session has a cost of € 30,00