Holistic Prenatal Yoga

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Why Holistic? 

In our classes, we learn:

  1. Key postures and functional exercises to ease discomfort, prevent injury and relax you during pregnancy and to support you in preparing for your birthing experience.

  2. Breathing techniques to cope with contractions, help during labor and reduce anxiety.

  3. Empowering tools to help you in your process of becoming a mom, whether it's the first or third time.

Using the 5 key elements of a holistic (Akhanda) practice:

  1. Movement 

  2. Breathing

  3. Sounding

  4. Meditation

  5. Yogic Wisdom

No matter how busy you might be, yoga will help you cope with your life in a more relaxed and focused way. It has an amazing way of making more space and energy available for you.

The prenatal yoga classes I offer support moms in all stages of pregnancy, inspired by the Womben Wellness teachings.



Classes take place online for now. Join us from the comfort of your home!


Every Wednesday from 20:00 to 21:00 CET 

Congratulations on your baby!


Making time to practice a little bit of yoga allows you to hold space for your and your baby's health and emotional well-being during the amazing journey that is pregnancy.

Holistic Prenatal Yoga helps you focus more deeply on your pregnancy. You will feel more in touch with yourself, more connected and you will be reassured that the power to give birth and to nurture your baby once it is born is within you and nowhere else.